Power Supply:

The power supply has been designed to minimize noise and exhibit extreme stability. It all starts with a high-performance torroidal power transformer.
The 6V heater circuit powers the 6N1P tubes, and is exceptionally quiet. The circuit is rectified with Schottky diodes, and feeds a choke input filter for an extra degree of common mode noise rejection. Capacitive bypasses around each heater eliminate any remnants of VHF hash.

The 12V heater circuit is rectified with Schottky diodes, and employs an RC (Resistor-Capacitor) filter. The 12V heaters are bypassed in the same manner as the 6V heaters.

The high voltage is rectified with SiC Schottky diodes, and is well-filtered with a three-stage RC network. This filter supplies two shunt regulators, providing dual mono regulated power for the preamp.

What does all this tech talk mean to you, the listener? An inky, blacker-than-black background, from which music leaps out with astonishing clarity.







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