The turntable is completely disassembled, and any parts that will be reused are cleaned and rebuilt (drive motor).

New motor isolation bushings are installed.

The wood based is stripped, sanded, and refinished with Watco Danish Oil.

An IEC power inlet is fitted to the rear of the wood base.

The original thin cast aluminum plinth is discarded, and replaced with a ¾" thick billet aluminum plinth.

The plinth and belt cover are finished with a retro style textured black powdercoat.

The pop-up 45 adaptor is removed from the existing platter, so a new acrylic mat (supplied) can be fitted.

The perimeter of the platter is polished.

A proprietary damping compound is applied to the underside of the platter.

The bearing and spindle shaft are cleaned, inspected, and relubricated.

All of the electronics are replaced, including a new lighted power switch.

A new drive belt is supplied.

The plinth is machined for the SME family of tonearms.

Any 9" arm that has an SME style mounting flange will work.

Custom adaptor inserts for other tonearms are available on a custom order basis.

Price: $2750.00 - ($2495.00 with exchange)


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